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Read and Write (Level-I, Elementary Level)

This is our basic level course for all beginners. It has been designed to suit the requirement of beginners, who are yet to develop the confidence of elementary level English speaking and writing. Our academicians have taken utmost care while developing course curriculum and teaching methodology for beginners. The unique teaching methodology has been developed to address learners of diverse personal profile and their objective. At this fundamental level of teaching, building up confidence, dispersal of fear and acquiring primary knowledge of English language have been focused upon more with a blend of theory and participatory exposure. The overview of curriculum, however, is as below:

Curriculum Overview

English Language

  • Introductory Exposure to English Language.
  • Simplified elementary grammar learning.
  • Reading, Writing and Listening sessions.
  • Vocabulary and fluency building for day to day use.
  • Participatory / interactive sessions for developing confidence and skill

Personality Development

  • Personality Development Part-I (Self Introduction, Body language, Vocabulary Building, Confidence Building, Positivity/Optimism, Etiquette, Time Management, Stress Management, Conflict Management, Conversational Skill, Public speaking, Interview Preparation)

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