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Communicative English (Level-II, Intermediate Level)

Our Communicative English is an intermediate level English Language Course. It has been formulated for the learners who already possess elementary knowledge. The extent of curriculum has been enhanced to provide adequate exposure to learners for honing their skill further. Each topic in this level has been devised with elaboration to augment competence level of every learner and thereby develop superior communicative English skill. The curriculum overview of this course is as given below:

Curriculum Overview

English Language

  • English Grammar Analysis.
  • Parts of Speech, Articles, Gender, Types of Sentence, Tense, Active/ Passive Voice, Punctuation, Prepositions etc.
  • Writing of Business letters, Replies to advertisement, General Correspondence/ letter writing to various organisations/offices, Resume Making etc.
  • Fluency development through modern techniques.
  • Competence building in Communicative English through participation in Speeches, Debates, Group Discussions, Storytelling sessions, Picture description etc.

Personality Development

  • Personality Development Part-II (Self Introduction, Body language, Vocabulary Building, Confidence Building, Positivity/Optimism, Etiquette, Time Management, Stress Management, Conversational Skill, Public speaking, Interview Preparation etc.)

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