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Advanced English (Level-III, Advanced Level)

Advanced English is the final level of English Language training at Safal Women's Academy. This higher module has been created as a proportional mixture of elementary level, intermediate level and advanced level knowledge and skill in English language. This is designed for the learners who have above average command on English language, however, needs to hone the same to enhance their competence level. The curriculum in this level is more of applied in nature, in addition to brushing up of grammatical fundamentals. The course is specifically useful for learners/ students who are aspiring for higher level of career or position; professionals who are already functioning at their fields but need mid-career augmentation of competence to shoulder higher responsibilities in a communicative way such as Manager, General Manager, Administrative Officer, Counsellor, Registrar, Vice Principal etc.

Curriculum Overview

English Grammar

  • Comprehensive English Grammar (elementary and intermediate level with further elaboration)
  • Direct/ Indirect Speech, Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences, functions of Adverbs and Adjectives, Phrasal Verbs, Idioms, Preposition, Structure of Sentence etc.

Fluency Building

  • Participation in Debates, Workshops, Conversation practice sessions, reading and recitation of articles, plays, novels, Listening English diction, Self Rehearse Sessions, Pronunciation Practice, Public Speaking etc.

Writing Skills

  • Business Writing, Story Writing, Summary Writing, Essay Writing etc.

Personality Development

  • Personality Development Part-III (Self Introduction, Body language, Vocabulary Building, Confidence Building, Positivity/Optimism, Etiquette, Time Management, Stress Management, Conflict Management, Leadership, Conversational Skill, Public speaking, Interview Preparation etc.)

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